Reviewing Tricia Fulks’ iFrame Tutorial

Web developers and designers I’ve worked with seem to treat iframes in websites with pure disdain. The scroll bar that often shows when a website is iframed into another can be a little aesthetically unappealing, but an iframe can also serve an important utilitarian purpose. If you are working with a vendor for a certain […]

JQuery Tutorial: Create an iPhone Dropdown Menu Using Simple JQuery

When I built my portfolio site a year ago, I had the idea of housing my main content within what would look like an iPad positioned horizontally. Each element of my portfolio—wordpress blog, video, photography, Twitter stream—would be represented in the main section as an app icon you might see on an iPad or iPhone. […]

The Story of Zelda is Still with Me

Since the first Zelda video game, The Legend of Zelda, was released in 1986, the story of Link, Princess Zelda, and Ganon has been embedded in my brain. I still remember reaching Ganon’s castle just minutes before I had to leave for an overnight field trip to Boston’s Museum of Science in fourth grade. I had […]