Eat Wonky Brings Poutine to DC

We’re getting more serious about audio editing this week. For class tomorrow, we were asked to create a 90-second to three-minute audio story consisting of interviews, ambient sound, and narration. The audio had to tell the story of a place, the people, and the sounds.

I chose to do my assignment on the Eat Wonky food truck’s visit to the American University campus. I interact with a lot of the D.C. food trucks through Twitter and was interested in talking more with Jeff Kelley, the founder of Eat Wonky. Between the constant 80’s music coming out of the food truck and Jeff’s passion for his business, I had a lot of good audio to work with. That said, I hate doing narration. I think the final product turned out OK, but I have a lot to learn about audio storytelling.

Want to try Eat Wonky food? Follow them on Twitter to find out where they’ll be.

[audio:|titles=Eat Wonky Food Truck]
The Eat Wonky food truck brings a Canadian staple to Washington, D.C., under a new name.

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