Saturday Study Session, Facebook Included

This is my first attempt at using the software Soundslides. For class today, we were asked to pair up with a classmate and get ambient sound, interviews, and photographs of one of two subjects: the wind or studying. We were asked to take all of those elements and put them together into a 30-second sound and photo slideshow using Soundslides. I was paired up with Tricia Fulks, a talented multimedia producer before coming into the program. Her website features some of her previous work.

For this assignment, I chose to handle the photography, while Tricia handled the audio. I’ve done better on my audio grades than my photos, so I wanted to test my photography skills. Specifically, I was looking to get different angles, shoot from different heights, and get a variety of wide, close-up, and medium shots.

Here’s what I came up with.

One thought on “Saturday Study Session, Facebook Included

  1. that was great! i love what you did with it – and they were completely different. i like how you kept the question in there about if they go out.

    have a good week; see you in class saturday!

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