A World Away from the World

Darnell Thompson doesn’t feel any different than anyone else. It’s the world around him that makes him feel different. The world around him judges him because he’s in a wheelchair. “People like to judge a book by its cover,” said Thompson. “I don’t feel no different than I did when I was walking.” I spent […]

Eat Wonky Brings Poutine to DC

We’re getting more serious about audio editing this week. For class tomorrow, we were asked to create a 90-second to three-minute audio story consisting of interviews, ambient sound, and narration. The audio had to tell the story of a place, the people, and the sounds. I chose to do my assignment on the Eat Wonky […]

Saturday Study Session, Facebook Included

This is my first attempt at using the software Soundslides. For class today, we were asked to pair up with a classmate and get ambient sound, interviews, and photographs of one of two subjects: the wind or studying. We were asked to take all of those elements and put them together into a 30-second sound […]