A Day of Skating on the National Mall

For this week’s assignment, we had three hours to go down to the National Mall to find a photo story. I was hoping to find something other than the monuments or tourists walking along the mall. Not long after I began walking the mall, I remembered that the National Gallery of Art had an ice […]

If You Could Interview One Living Person…

Our assignment for this week’s audio editing and interviewing lesson was to interview a classmate and edit the audio down to a 60-120 second audio clip that had a narrative arc. The interview had to be based around the question, “If you could interview one living person, who would it be? And why?” I interviewed […]

Six Shots at 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue SE

When my wife and I first moved to the Potomac Avenue area of Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., the neighborhood was intimidating. We read about the tattoo shop just a couple of doors down that was the scene of a murder. The Penn. Ave. Market next to it had six or seven people congregating outside most […]